OESIS Allyship Against Antisemitism, Summer 2024

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This is an asynchronous course based on the recordings of the OESIS Allyship Conference at Dartmouth Against Antisemitism held in April 2024. It is split into 4 sections and follows the schedule of the conference: Part 1 and Part 2 represent Day 1, Part 3 and 4 represent Day 2. Use the “Quiz section” to record your reflections, notes, comments and questions if you wish. You may use this Calendly link to arrange a 45-minute zoom with Sanje Ratnavale once you have finished the course to discuss your reflections and to share your plans. You may also email Lynn@oesisgroup.com for other needs. The documents sometimes shared by each of the presenters are available here. Please complete the course within 30 days of being enrolled.

Set out below are some outcome prompts for the conference. 

  • What is allyship, how can it manifest in the curriculum and what are the tensions created by a social justice curriculum or associated programming?
  • How can the K-12 curriculum better represent the history of antisemitism?
  • How can DEI programs be inclusive of combating all forms of bigotry, including antisemitism?
  • What are the values, competencies and skills to become anti-antisemitic and more empathetic of victims of suffering, hatred and discrimination?
  • What ideologies aid, underpin or undermine Jewish allyship?
  • What might scholarly examination of systemic racism offer in the fight against antisemitism?
  • Have generational divides appeared over antisemitism and if so, why?
  • How does antisemitism form and what are the origins of antisemitic tropes?
  • Has Holocaust education had limited or effective impact?
  • How can language and linguistic education have more of an impact on enabling empathy and combating hatred?
  • What community supports can aid Jewish students?
  • What is the role of social media in spreading antisemitism?
  • What should be the limits of free speech and what are the boundaries of civility?
  • What is the role of a school in condemning hatred?