Estimated time to complete Module 1: 60 minutes

Before we begin on this journey of introducing PBL to our classrooms, it is important to understand what Project-Based Learning is and what it is not. The selections in this Module will provide background about the definition of Project-Based Learning, its purpose and intent, its advantages, and its uses. What is the difference between Project-Based Learning and Project-Oriented Learning? How might PBL transform our classrooms into more student-centered ones and allow students to go deeper into their learning and understanding about a topic? 

As you progress through the Module, reflect on the following guiding questions: 

  • What is important for my students to know and be able to do when they leave my classroom?
  • Does my classroom provide an opportunity for students to:
    • relate what they learn to their lives? 
    • make content relevant and meaningful to the lives they will lead? 
    • prepare students for the lives they will lead?