M3: Reflection on Know Yourself: Recognize Patterns

~ 10 minutes 

What takeaways do you have about your patterns of behavior, how they are currently serving you, and how you might make them more effective? Write a reflection in which you comment on your experience with the Patterns work. Think about the following prompts: 

  • What did you observe about your students’ reactions to the Pattern Awareness activities? Can you give an example? 
  • What observations or comments did the students have about their participation? Do you concur with their views? Why or why not? 
  • How might these exercises help both you and the students in your class? In group work, in relationships? What applications do you see? 
  • Do you see this as a competency that is important for your students’ growth? Can you see using these activities on a regular basis in your work in the classroom? Might it have a positive effect? 

Now, think about how you might bring some of these activities or this work to your classroom.