~10 minutes

As you watch the following videos, be open, listen closely, and think about what you are hearing. Think about what you notice is happening here. Consider the following:

  • How is the experience of the individuals in the film different from yours?
  • In what way do you think these experiences inform their daily life? 
  • Do you find yourself having to be aware of the reactions of others to you in some way? How does it feel? 
  • How might it feel to be free of this constant need to self-edit and hyper-awareness?  

WATCH two of the following videos:

Van Explains It All:  Implicit Bias | The Van Jones Show (4.25 minutes) 

“A quick introduction to the workings of implicit bias and how it impacts behavior.“

TED TALKS LIVE Short:  Unconscious Bias | produced by Geeta Gandbhir and Perri Peltz (3.13 minutes) 

“In this mix of live-action and animation, a young boy of color navigates bias in the classroom and its impact on his future. The film also includes the voices of other children sharing their experiences, at school and at home, as they grow older.”

Implicit Bias in Education | Kelly Capatosto (2.41 minutes) 

This video explores and explains some of the real-world impacts and implications of implicit bias in education.