~15 minutes

The following articles and sites provide some background information and resources to help you understand how a stronger emotional intelligence (EQ) and social-emotional learning background can be an important tool for your work in school. 

Healthy Classrooms, Emotional Intelligence, and Brain Research | Barbara Fatum, Six Seconds (8 minutes)

This article provides a strong introduction to the Six Seconds framework of skills for SEL and EQ. It discusses emotions and neuroscience in the classroom and includes a number of highly practical tips for teachers.

How to Improve Emotional Intelligence: Tips to Practice Awareness | Six Seconds (10 minutes)

Read some favorite practical tips from the global EQ community.

Check out this website

Explore SEL | Harvard Graduate School of Education

Explore SEL is designed as a navigator for the field of social and emotional learning. We provide information and tools that summarize and connect the major frameworks and skills in the field to support transparency and informed decision-making.

“Researchers, educators, employers, and parents agree that social and emotional learning (SEL) and non-academic skills matter for success in school and life, but it can be difficult to decide which skills to focus on – let alone how best to promote and measure them.” ~ HGSE and EASEL Lab