~ 10-15 minutes

Six Seconds has many resources for beginning to identify and understand your patterns, allowing you to better take charge of your reactions. How can you be more mindful and sure of the way in which you respond to all sorts of challenges and interpersonal situations in your life? Wouldn’t we all appreciate being more intentional? 

Read the following articles

 Recognize Patterns in the Six Seconds Model of EQ | Jenny Wiley (1 minute) 

This article includes a link to the video you already watched, you may skip it. Recognizing Patterns helps you track and monitor your reactions which is an essential step to managing them. Recognizing your own patterns will also help you see others’ patterns and help you navigate your relationships with them. 

 Amygdala Hijacking | Six Seconds (4 minutes) 

This article from Six Seconds explains the process known as amygdala hijacking and talks about how to practice patterns that lead to de-escalation, an essential bit of knowledge for those who want to get better at navigating emotions. 

Watch the following video

Why Change Is So Hard | Fast Company (4.02 minutes) 

Do people not change because they are lazy? This video from Fast Company looks at fascinating psychology research into exhaustion and self-control and the neuroscience that makes change so difficult. Old patterns take far less energy to follow than new ones!