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Human beings are creatures of habit. Sometimes people assess new situations and respond carefully and thoughtfully, but frequently they run on autopilot, reacting unconsciously based on habit. In part, it’s because the human brain is wired to form and follow neural pathways as a way to conserve energy. Left unconscious, these patterns can inhibit optimal performance because they are a generalized response rather than one carefully tailored to the current situation.

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How can I get better at “Recognizing Patterns | Marsha Rideout (3 minutes) 

“One of the keys to increasing self-awareness, Know Yourself, is to detect your own typical reactions. For example, what do you usually do when you feel anxious? Or what’s your usual reaction when you think a situation is out of control? By Recognizing Patterns, you can notice them when they’re small, then redirect if needed.”

Check out these Six Powerful Questions for Self-Awareness.

Print it out and hang it where you can see it so you can have reminders about self-awareness throughout the day.