~ 15-20 minutes

Try ONE of these strategies.  

Choose ONE or more of the following activities to complete this week. Try them in your classroom and observe the students’ patterns of behavior before and after you do the exercise.  Facilitate a discussion among your students about how they felt while doing the activity, and how it might change their awareness of their patterns of behavior. 

Your final assignment for this module will be a reflection about the activity and how you can apply it in your classroom? 

1. Stained Glass Storybook

This module is designed to help you recognize patterns. By filling out the worksheet, you get a visual representation of emotions that tend to come up for you in challenging situations.

2. TFA Cards

How to Use Thoughts, Feelings, Actions (T, F, A) Cards | Six Seconds (5.15 minutes) 

In this short video, Jenny Wiley and Josh Freedman go through the process of using T, F, A cards, and how they can help us see the options that we really have. 

Click here to read an article about how to use TFA Cards, and click here to purchase them. 

3. Observation Building Blocks

This building exercise from Six Seconds can be used to help participants recognize patterns, practice observation skills, and master the art of giving and receiving feedback. 

4. Pattern Worksheets

This series of worksheets takes you logically through a reflection about your patterns of reaction, looking at the recurring themes, implications, and alternatives. 

5. Layers of Feelings

This activity walks you through a discussion with students about helping them to recognize situations where they have “layers of feelings” and could work to gain insight into what is underneath an initial feeling.