~ 20 minutes

Try ONE of these strategies.

1. Lesson Plan Revision and Delivery

Revise one of your lesson outlines in keeping with the principles you’ve learned in this Milestone. Then TRY the new lesson in your class. 

Before you begin, read this article which explains the 6seconds Change MAP and the Engage, Activate, Reflect (EAR) framework. This lesson planner, which outlines the EAR framework, may help as you redesign a lesson for your classroom. Be sure you reflect on the principles and ideas you have learned about during this module and the ideas of Hot Cognition, such as:

  1. Breaking content into small chunks
  2. Increasing physical activity
  3. Increasing opportunities for relationship-building
  4. Adding more emotional richness
  5. Strengthening questions and reflection
  6. Being more authentic
  7. Allowing learners more autonomy

2. Grow Curiosity — Mini Pop Up Box (for younger students)

A lot of us adults admire kids’ curiosity — their penchant for learning and staying open to the unknown. And, as it turns out, this tendency of theirs is a really beneficial one. Research tells us that curiosity in children is linked to increased brain activity, empathy, and social networks. However, as we adults know, curiosity easily dims with age. Try this POP-UP Mini Box which aims to reinforce and inspire the curiosity for you and the children you love.