~15 minutes

Why is Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) significant and essential to good teaching and pedagogy? Let’s look at some resources about how implementing SEL and emotional intelligence (EQ) practices can provide better teaching and learning environments.

WATCH the following video:

Schoolwide SEL: SEL Integrated with Academic Instruction | CASEL (5.28 minutes) 

Discover ways to integrate SEL into daily academic instruction using social and emotional competencies as the foundation for achieving academic goals. Developed in partnership with the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL), this video is part of a series that provides practical applications for educators pursuing high-quality, schoolwide SEL.

Choose ONE of the following articles to READ: 

Emotional Intelligence: The Cornerstone For Positive Change | Six Seconds (20 minutes) 

In this speech, Six Seconds’ Chairman Karen McCown shares the definition, process, and purpose of teaching emotional intelligence. Karen founded the renown Nueva School in 1967 as a laboratory for integrating academic and emotional development for gifted children (it went on to win two Federal Blue Ribbon Awards for Excellence in Education).

What is Self-Science? Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom | Anabel Jensen, Six Seconds (10 minutes)

Self-Science is one of the pioneers in social emotional learning. It was first published in 1978 and continuously updated as a robust, evidence-based approach to building emotional intelligence in schools. Dr. Anabel Jensen offers this explanation of why it’s effective, and how Self-Science works.