~15 minutes

What does it mean to live with purpose? For many of us, we never stop to reflect on our purpose, and yet, it can provide energy and motivation to drive us if we tap into it. This module will provide resources and suggestions for connecting with your “Noble Goal.”

Choose TWO of the following videos to watch.

Two Questions for Increased Motivation | Daniel Pink (2.03 minutes)

This short, animated video gives you two transformative questions to ask yourself to explore your purpose for life. 

How to Find Fulfillment | Simon Sinek (9.57 minutes) 

Simon shares about how our sense of fulfillment is directly tied to how generous we are towards others.

The Power of Vulnerability clip | Brené Brown’s TED talk (5 minutes) 

Start with the Why of Education | Simon Sinek (.41 minutes)

Leading thinker, best selling author and friend of Big Change, Simon Sinek shares his thoughts on the purpose of education. If we shift our thinking on the ‘why’ of education, the ‘what’ will change as well and young people will thrive. 

On Living with Purpose | T.D. Jakes (3.39 minutes) 

Charismatic bishop T.D. Jakes makes a passionate case for finding and following your life’s purpose.

Read this article about purpose and meaning.

What’s Your Purpose? Finding A Sense Of Meaning In Life Is Linked To Health | Mara Gordon (3 minutes) 

Researchers analyzed data from nearly 7,000 American adults between the ages of 51 and 61 who filled out psychological questionnaires on the relationship between mortality and life purpose.