~ 15 minutes

Social Emotional Learning expert Lorea Martinez explains how educators can use and increase optimism. Instead of focusing on thoughts where negative events are permanent, pervasive, and over which you are powerless, try telling yourself:

  • This is temporary
  • This is isolated
  • I can change this with effort

Stopping yourself in the downward spiral of feelings is a learned skill.  With practice you can learn it and you can teach it to your students as well.  Remember, emotions are contagious and learned optimism can have a powerful effect on you and your classroom.

The start of school is a miracle of raw  potential, of infinite possibility. How will we use it?

~ Josh Freedman


Download the below Optimism Square Worksheet and complete it. 

Try to rethink both a challenging and a positive situation for growth. This assignment will walk you through the process of “flipping the script” on an event in your life.